We love our products and hope that you will too. As new parents we’re often bombarded with a thousand different products that are all supposed to make our lives easier and our kids happier. But what we found was something different. All those parenting hacks weren’t working and the products that were supposed to be helping our children were overstimulating or lacking a human touch.

We decided to venture down a path of minimalism, connection, and basics. For us, it was life changing. Simply designing our homes and lives in a way that gave our children the freedom of movement, autonomy in their decisions, and encouragement to explore their surroundings was eye opening. By using natural and organic materials our children were exposed to textures and colors found in nature. By using beautifully designed and simple products, our homes felt lighter and our whole family was left feeling more creative and inspired.

We’re all rushing somewhere almost constantly, but what if we consciously chose to live slower? What if instead of the anxiety about 'doing more' we instead found peace and comfort in the in between moments. Instead of rushing through life, we took a moment to just breathe with our children and taught them that it’s okay to pause and rest. That the dishes and laundry can (almost) always wait, and instead a stack of books and our full attention at their level was not only welcomed but an expected and anticipated part of our day. 

What you won’t find here is us screaming at you “You need this NOW!” What you will find here are resources for living slowly and more mindfully with the ones you love most. Our products are designed to add beauty to your lives and homes, not clutter. We encourage you to buy mindfully with your daily routine in mind. Will our products bring a calm purpose to your life? We hope so, but if they don't we wont push. 

Our products are all made in Chicago by our small team. We take great pride in providing jobs in our community, and working conditions and compensation that are above and beyond the manufacturing norm. An amazing byproduct of that mission is natural and practical products for your littles.